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Professor Kenneth W. Wachter
University of California, Berkeley

E-mail: wachter@demog.berkeley.edu

Mailing Address:
University of California, Berkeley
Department of Demography
2232 Piedmont Ave.
Berkeley, CA 94720-2120

CV: http://www.demog.berkeley.edu/~wachter/vita.pdf

Website: http://www.demog.berkeley.edu/~wachter/

Research Interests: As a mathematical demographer and statistician, I study systematic constraints and random influences that shape the structure of human populations. I helped develop methods of computer simulation to understand the rarity of coresident family members in pre-industrial English households. With these methods, I am now forecasting the kin and family support available to new generations of elderly in the next century. Working in "non-linear" demography, I have identified mechanisms that give rise to specific kinds of cycles in fertility and population growth. I am currently interested in patterns of mortality at extreme ages shared between humans and other species, trying to reconcile them with statistical models for long-term processes of demographic change.



Kenneth Wachter