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Professor Shripad Tuljapurkar
Stanford University

E-mail: tulja@stanford.edu

Mailing Address:
Stanford University
Department of Biological Sciences
Herrin Labs 454
Stanford, CA 94305-5020

CV: http://med.stanford.edu/profiles/Shripad_Tuljapurkar/ 

Research Interests: My work develops population mathematics and applies it to study the dynamics and evolution of human and natural populations. Here are some current projects. Sensitivity and extinction dynamics in the presence of disturbance: natural population are subject to unpredictable environmental variation, and we are developing tools to study their persistence and response to management or conservation efforts. Population aging and age structural transitions: rapid declines in human mortality and fertility have triggered shifts in population age composition with profound effects on pensions, social security, and human capital development. We analyze and forecast population change, explore the impacts of uncertainty on decision making, and study related behavioral shifts. Evolution of senescence: recent experiments and human data show that long post-reproductive lifespans are widespread. We are studying models for the dynamics and the evolutionary basis for such long lives



S Tuljapurkar