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Pilot Projects

Pilot Research Grants for Experimental Work in Behavioral Economics Related to Aging

To promote experimental research on aging, CEDA and the Xlab (http://xlab.berkeley.edu) are offering a pilot research program for projects that speak to a wide range of questions about aging. Researchers who are interested in behavioral and experimental economics are encouraged to suggest projects that would contribute to our understanding of the aging process. Examples of topics include: 1) decision making under ambiguity, risk, or certainty, 2) how beliefs about savings, health, or retirement are updated in the face of new information, 3) time preferences, mental horizons, and discount factors, 4) the effects of emotions on choices, including moods effects, anticipated feelings about outcomes, or emotions, such as anxiety, that arise in the process of making choices, 5) the ability of decision makers to engage in perspective-taking, 6) factors that influence trust and cooperation, or 7) variables that influence charitable giving. This list is merely suggestive; proposals are by no means limited to these topics.

Projects that might lead to the eventual submission of a regular research proposal to NIA are particularly encouraged. Proposals should be one to two pages and should include a rationale, a brief discussion of the relevance of the proposed research to aging, a method section, and a budget (up to $10,000 but smaller requests are welcomed!) indicating how the funds would be spent. On July 1st, we will review proposals that have been received by end of June, and we hope to fund successful proposals by July 10th. This first call will enable projects that are funded to get started over the summer. We anticipate issuing a second call for proposals in the early fall. Proposals should be emailed to Barbara Mellers: mellers@haas.berkeley.edu with a copy to Ron Lee: rlee@demog.berkeley.edu.

Here is the fine print:

Eligibility: Faculty members and Postdocs in any department at Berkeley and CEDA members at other universities are eligible to apply.

Allowable costs: Research expenses other than equipment or travel are allowable, but expenses should be directly related to the proposed project. Expenditures should be made at Berkeley or at the campus of a
CEDA member elsewhere.

Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects (CPHS) approval is required for all projects involving human subjects before funding can begin.

Performance Period: Awards should be spent within 12 months of the time funding has been granted. After this time, unspent funds will revert to CEDA.